Our Story

Eurasian Linguistic Services Ltd. is a UK-based translation company offering legal, technical and creative translation and interpreting services to law firms, financial institutions and corporates in Europe, UK, Russia and CIS countries.

Our sister company, Russian Linguistic Services Ltd. was set up in 1995, and over the years has grown to offer a multitude of other language combinations and services, not just centering around Russian – so a new legal entity, Eurasian Linguistic Services Ltd., was created in 2011 to reflect our new identity.

We hand pick simultaneous and consecutive interpreters, legal and technical translators, editors and copywriters for our highly demanding clients. As a result of robust quality control, over 75% of our annual business comes from repeat orders from existing clients, and the word of mouth recommendations. We always welcomed new enquiries, tough deadlines and challenging language combinations.

From the start we wanted to offer a genuinely comprehensive, one-stop solution to the different communication needs of our clients: not only translation and interpreting, but also voice-overs, language coaching, cultural briefings, copy writing, editing, forensic linguistics, research, multilingual sales and negotiation support, bespoke language and cultural fluency tuition – all done under one umbrella.

Our dream has now come to life, and we offer all language combinations, employing top language talent across the globe, tailor making each translation, editing, training and interpreting order to your, our Client’s, demands.

Our motto is Working Well With Words – working diligently, fast, with utmost care for confidentiality, and respect for your needs.


"We have worked with Eurasian Linguistics for a number of years as our translators of choice originally for the Russian language but now for a variety of European and non-European languages. We are grateful for the speed of their response and readiness to assist, and high-level professional attitude of translation managers in undertaking and completing an assignment."

Alisa Grafton, Partner, Cheeswrights Scrivener Notaries LLP


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