Cultural, Business and Social Etiquette Courses

We provide bespoke cultural awareness, business and social etiquette courses in a variety of languages.

The courses can be held online as well as face-to-face, and tailor-made to your personal or business requirements.

Cultural awareness courses are invaluable for staff and their family members relocating to another country even if they have a good command of the foreign language which they need to speak. We are able to explain the “do’s” and “taboo’s” of the day-to-day living in a new environment and provide helpful tips and links to local support networks and organisations.

Business etiquette rules in multilingual global teams may not be obvious, however, it is essential to observe them in cross-border projects which involve stakeholders from different cultures and backgrounds. Our trainers will help you and your team to understand each other better and avoid painful and sometimes expensive mistakes.

Social etiquette courses are run by our partners who are exceptionally well-versed in the classic English and international ways of “putting your best foot forward”. These events can run from a half-day to a week-long immersive experiences. An afternoon tea in a very discreet and upmarket location in London, a dayout during the Ascot week or Henley Regatta, a visit to a country house or a classical English garden – you can choose a practical and fun immersive etiquette experience. We are happy to accompany you and explain what is going on and why.

We can also arrange a “finishing school course” for anyone, irrespective of their age, or explain a real or potential social faux pas (as seen through the prism of a different culture).

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