Added value language services

Working well with words - you can do it, too

Have you ever felt uneasy about the quality of your writing in an academic paper, essay, article, book or an important letter?

If you want them to sound and look appropriate, we can help. Some computer programs will edit the text for you but this would be a mechanical exercise. We can help you learn for yourself by interacting with a human: a language teacher, an editor or a ghost writer in whichever language you need. The appropriate stylistic nuances can be introduced by people – and can be learned by people.

A lot of school and university graduates do not feel confident or competent enough to compose a well thought-out text and do not understand the rules of grammar, spelling and syntax, as well as various registers which are important to observe in some languages (for example, Italian, Russian or French).

Have you noticed that a lot of people use “yourself” instead of “you”, “they” instead of “he” or “she”, and plural instead of singular in English? It may be appropriate in some contexts but not in others.

We can arrange a tailor-made language course to help you improve your language skills or simply edit and then explain the changes we made in your text, so that you learn from the expert linguists.

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